Sunday, February 28, 2021

DBA Special: Book I List 53 Saitic Egyptian

 Book I, List 53 ... Saitic Egyptian, 664 BC to 335 BC

Another army from the rich Nile region, this time Egyptians from the Assyrian and Persian periods.

A splendid little army, built around spearmen rather than the chariotry that so characterises the New Kingdom.  The army is a mix of Chariot (Magister Militum) and Essex miniatures, with the odd Falcon and Peter Pig figure for good measure.

(Saitic Egyptian General ... either HCh or Cav) 

For this army, I am providing both options.  Cav is much more the sensible option but I will probably mainly use the chariot for its destructive power (which, unfortunately can be a two-way thing!) ...
1 x LH
(15mm Saitic Egyptians: Guard, Levy and Greek mercenary hoplite spearmen) 

6 x Sp
2 x 4Bw
1 x 4Ax 
Army Camp
(Egyptian littoral camp) 
Hunting water fowl in the delta .. or 'foraging for food' ... the birds departing from papyrus plants are traditional German flats - I think they do a good job of enabling me to make a (relatively) convincing scene within the shallow space of a DBA camp base.
(CF: Museum Miniatures canoe and paddler, Essex archer)