Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Shows Update - Campaign (volunteers needed)


This is Ancients on the Move, and just about all the posts are views of events the Society of Ancients attends. This one is about a show we might not.

(balcony view of Campaign 2008, and the Society of Ancients stand)

I have been attending MKWS's Campaign for at least 20 years (since back when it used to be a 'Play Off' venue for the old style World Championships in Derby): both Campaign and Derby Worlds have changed a lot over the years!

Campaign has become one of our favourite events of the year - a wargames show within the full public glare of Central Milton Keynes Shopping ... and so a rare opportunity to show ancient wargaming to members of the general public rather than only to showgoers (who, though they might not always be ancients players, are at least, usually, open to the idea - as they went to the show): at MK, many of the potential punters are just bored with shopping and had no intention of looking at wargames exhibits. They may not yet know that wargaming is what they'd really prefer to be doing with their leisure time. Imagine their lives for just a moment ... no wargaming - no toy soldiers - no painting schedules ... (just work, take-aways and telly)

Campaign is a great opportunity to save them.

(Campaign 2009: entertaining the public by introducing them to historical wargames)

Unfortunately, because of the schedule of other exhibitions in the public space (Middleton Hall) and the Royal Wedding, the event has been moved to a weekend that clashes with the other big Middle England event, WD's Conference of Wargamers (8-10th July, Knuston Hall), and our Shows North team is already committed to that.

We can still cover the Milton Keynes show as well - but need extra bodies to do so. Society members reading this blog, and within easy reach of MK on the weekend of 9th and 10th might like to volunteer (send me a comment, an email, or get in touch via the SoA's members Yahoo Group etc.) ... Either day or both (or parts thereof ...).. It's a great opportunity to join in, and it would be sad for the Society not to be represented at such a refreshing event just because of the dates clash ...

Let me know - I'll sort something out.

Show report on Campaign 2010
Show report on Campaign 2009

It's about enjoying history.

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