Wednesday, March 5, 2014

1st - 2nd March, Bournemouth

Every Spring, the Armati glitterati flock to the South Coast's Stag and Hen party capital, Bournemouth, for a weekend of toy soldiering ... I'm sure there is something to read into that ...

This year, the Hammerhead show wandered out of February by a week and so I'm afraid it fell off the Shows North schedule for 2014.   In fact, we had some possible volunteers, but it wasn't made clear enough to me early on so I didn't book anything.  Apologies to all - especially visitors to what I understand was a great little show who may have been looking out for us but been disappointed.

The good news is you can see the Society at WMMS next week where I will be running a Montaperti BattleDay taster ...

This year's Armati by the Sea was a classic and was dominated by the Society big beasts ...

But here are my 5 games ...

(Game one: New Kingdom Egyptians vs Sea Peoples)

(Game two: Assyrians vs Elamites)

(Game three: Polish and Lithuanian vs Teutonic Order)

(Game four: Mongol Conquest vs Chinese)

(Game five: Syracusan Greek vs Early Carthaginian)

Armati by the Sea is a scenario based competition where the organisers provide everything right down to dice and measuring tools (although bringing your own sticks and bones is accepted).   The formula was devised to simplify life for long distance visitors flying in.

The games are alotted by Swiss Chess, then a numbered coin is drawn from a bag (denoting which scenario) and tossed (marking who gets which army).

As you can see, I got a pretty happy outcome ... 2 Biblical; 1 Medieval; 1 edge of the world and 1 Classical Mediterranean. 

The beautifully presented armies are a joy to play with (assuming you forgive Roy's unblunted pin spears giving you the occasional stab) ...

(beautiful Medieval pageantry in the Teutonic clash)

This year is the anniversary of the ground shifting Battle of Bouvines, and Vincent had brought along his Armati inspired interpretation of the battle as a side entertainment on Saturday to run at breaks and for early finishers ...

(anniversary presentation of the Battle of Bouvines)

You could argue that Bouvines marked so decisive a shift in the power balance of Europe that it put Prince Louis on the throne of England in 1216.  King Louis? You ask ....  Well that's a story in English history most commonly glossed over.

By Sunday morning I was a contender, but my challenge faded away as I failed to win 2-up melee rounds with the Mongols and blundered at the Carthaginians in Sicily.

Ross Finch made a great up coming player, and organiser Peter Barham won the annual prize for killing or capturing the most enemy generals.   There then followed some presentational musical chairs ...

As I say, this was a day for the big beasts, so the traditional presenters were giving each other the awards.

President Roy Boss presented third place to Peter ... Vice President Matthew Bennett then presented second place to Roy ... then metaphorical caps were swapped and Roy presented first place and the Champion's trophy to Matt.   See - experience counts in this game!

1: Matthew Bennett; 2: Roy Boss; 3: Peter Barham; 4: Craig Tannock; plus Vincent Auger, John Bradley, Ross Finch, Tim Cull, Phil Steele, Mark Fry, Richard Shilvock, Ian Cam, Ian Kerr, Mick Owen, Paul Collins, and Bruce Rollett.

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