Monday, September 3, 2018

19th August, Newark

More Partizan at Newark Showground

It only seems a few weeks ago that we were at Newark for Partizan  ... oh yes .. it was ...

The second Partizan show of the year - which used to kick off the Autumn season - has migrated into August and is now a Summer show on a busy weekend of events.   Unfortunately that meant I could only do the morning shift.

Still, the History Zone was full of good stuff and familiar faces.   And the show was good.

(Partizan's History Zone: The Lance & Longbow Soc; The Pike & Shot; Waterloo Uncovered/Replayed; The Society of Ancients; The Naseby Project; The Battlefields Trust and Northampton Battlefield Society)

Wow!  Great to see all those key Societies taking centre stage ... they make this show a first class event.  And yes, maybe I am biased.

At the heart of the ancient and medieval periods, NBS were reprising the fast play Northampton 1460 historical game which was, in turn, much praised (and a number of punters picked up copies

(Get your copy from Northampton Battlefields Society)

Ancient?  There was also a splendid 15mm (and other) scale presentation of Magnesia, refought by Simon Miller and friends using To The Strongest.

... and a Participation/promo game of Gangs of Rome ...

(the splendidly panoramic 15mm scale - good to see at Partizan)

(28mm ... 1/1 scale pikes?  a nice addition to the Magnesia display)

(Magnesia: from the big battle ... )

Medieval?  In addition to Northampton, you could play Hedgeley Moor ...

(More 15s at Partizan in this figure-heavy Bloody Barons take on Hedgeley 1464) 

Otherwise here were some nice offerings amongst the predominantly 28mm demo tables ..

People seemed to be enjoying themselves and I did like that big ACW naval/riverine one.

... and we're kind of doing a 'lace wars' thing at the moment so this year's trends (well 'pre-modern' anyway) are quite attractive ...

Stand out amongst the Participation Games, of course, would be WD's Cliches of the Great Patriotic War and (naturally) anything using Playmobil ...

(the ever-reliable WDDTN participation game)

Apologies for such a rushed synopsis ... there was much more than this.

This rather nice waterfall caught my eye, though ... I have long wanted to do some 'Last of the Mohicans' style terrain for Quebec/Montmorency - and this is the sort of thing (will just have to be bigger though ... ) ..

But I am straying off topic.

By the time you read this, we will have done the Hereward show and I will be behind again.

Next up I will look at some of the heritage events - especially the battle of Bosworth where the battlefield is now threatened by development.  Keep reading and think about signing the petition.  Every supporter counts.

More anon.

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