Sunday, April 21, 2019

30th March, Bletchley, MK


This year's BattleDay was very well attended (all the available space was utilised meaning some games had to wait til the introductory talk was over before being able to set up.  Well done to them, indeed)

... so the usual formula in Bletchley ... a talk - this year by Duncan Head, followed by 16 parallel refights of the historic battle using (in this case) 12 different rule systems .. followed by a quick debrief and some light-hearted awards including (selected by a popular vote) one for the Best Terrain and one for the overall Best Game ....

(Telamon BattleDay ... memento prizes courtesy of the organiser Richard Lockwood)

So I'm sure you are all familiar with Telamon ... it's the one where the Gauls are trapped in Etruria between two Roman armies; the one where the Gaesati fight naked so as not to get the clothes caught in the thorn bushes ... the one where Regulus (son of the First Punic War hero, Regulus) defeats many times as many Gallic cavalry but gets killed in the process. 

The Games ... (check upcoming issues of Slingshot for accounts of the various games ...) ...

As you can see, Commands & Colours was the most popular way if tackling this battle, closely followed by To The Strongest and DBMM.  Card-driven systems (C&C, TTS, Piquet, MeG) were very popular and area movement (C&C, TTS) feature strongly.

As to why people favour the various approaches, you will need to refer to what they say in Slingshot - that said, quite often, people like to stick with what they enjoy.

Regular readers will recall my own promo used DBA (so a 13th warrior in the Telamon list) and the full story of the DBA refight will feature in Telamon (pt II) ...


In addition to best best Regulus, best naked Gaul etc. ...

Andy Bullock's Impetus won Best Game

Robert Robertson and Friends' DBMM won best terrain

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