Tuesday, August 31, 2021

15th August, Shaw House, Newbury

The delayed 2020 Society of Ancients BattleDay - 1485 Bosworth Field

So, by coincidence, the BattleDay eventually took place barely a week ahead of the anniversary.  The usual venue wasn't an option, so the organisers opted for the splendid Shaw House in Newbury, veteran of the 1644 Civil War battle, and well worth a visit in its own right.

(Shaw House, Newbury)

Overall, the event attracted 45 participants.  There were 11 tables featuring 10 rulesets (as the Peter Pig roadshow came with two Bloody Barons set ups).  I think this was a first time for Martin and friends so that was a bonus.

This year the intro talk was my quick summary of the background (along the lines published here a few days ago) and some points to ponder (about orientation and about artillery)

We then got onto the games which included my trusty 54mm DBA which we played 3 times altogether (2 wins to the earl of Richmond, 1 to Richard) ... I also played in Nick's HoTT variant (the Magic of Bosworth) which I think was also a Tudor win)

The Games


I was able to sit in on the Armati game which seemed to flow very well and featured a mass of veteran 20mm figures from Roy's collection.

Eye Candy


As you can see it looked splendid, and everyone seemed to have a great day.  Other than the games I commented on above, I await a future Slingshot to see how well they all went.
Next BattleDay will be Adrianople.  Get out your Goths!

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