Friday, October 29, 2021

10th October, Newark

 The Other Partizan

Properly back on the road, now - a real wargame show.  I had to pinch myself ... it was good to be back.  Meeting people.  Talking about battlefields.  Pushing toy soldiers.  Browsing and chewing the fat. Plenty of that!

(The Other Partizan - talking to people)

To beguile the visitor, we took along The Battle of Northampton 1460 and a stand compatible 6mm version of Edgcote.

(full panoramic 15mm in the History Zone)

We were in good company - flanked by the Lance & Longbow Society and the Civil War Centre/Battlefields Trust, and opposite Wargame Developments.

(WD's Moscow 1812 game: as the pic shows, I manage to get some of the Grande Armee home)

We joined forces with the Northamptonshire Battlefields Society and Naseby 1645.


As well as the Societies and the much-missed analogue shopping, there were some excellent Ancient and Medieval games ...

(Infamy, Infamy)
(54mm BB DBA) 
(Never Mind the Billhooks) 

(the English lines in the much admired Crecy game)

And outsid our periods, there was also much to admire:

(more games from The Other Partizan 2021)


It was difficult to decide if this was one of the best Partizans ever, or whether it was just because it has been such a long time sinc we were all able to experience this games and display 'in the flesh' as it were.


We used Politics By Other Means to run through the key events of the Battle of Northampton.

(2pm ... the Yorkists attack) 
(inside the position: the calm before the storm)
(the attack, as watched from the Eleanor Cross by the Archbishop of Canterbury)
(NN1460: bottom right - the Earl of March's contingent breaks into the Lancastrian camp)
 As so often happens, the dice steered us in a very historical direction!

It was wonderful to be back out on the road, and to be a a real show.  Many of us were pinching ourselves!

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