Monday, October 25, 2021

DBA Special ... a camp for IV/75 (Timurid)

 a Mongol/Timurid Camp ...

Originally, my Mongols and Timurids shared the same camp - but I had a number of camels surplus and an idea for scratchbuilding a yurt ... so the idea for a camp was born, and allocated to the Timurids:

(DBA Camp for book IV/list 75 Timurid)

The model is therefore a very small part of camel stop-off or caravanserai, where a number of laden beasts are being parked next to a yurt.

The camels are mostly Gladiator with contributions from Irregular and Falcon ... the cameleer is Museum with a Gladiator head (the yurt is bottle top with s tissue covering and detailing in wire and miliput) ...

As usual. the Camp Follower is separate and can be detached,

Book IV List 75

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