Friday, September 23, 2011

3rd-4th September, Abingdon

The 2011 Society of Ancients Doubles Masters (DBMM and FoG)

A busy weekend started with a Saturday morning dash down to Abingdon for the Society sponsored Doubles Masters. The event also hosted a FoG-R tournament and a 'one day' AK47 bash, but the main events were the DBMM and FoG doubles the results of which would be combined to decide the Masters Champions.

Chris and I entered the FoG competition. As well as wanting to support events the Society sponsors by showing up and presenting prizes, it is nice to play as well - and Doubles is such a friendly and enjoyable format it is a pleasure to join in.

Given a very restricted choice of armies, we went with one we have tried before (and which, borrowing Patrick's splendid infantry, I can put together without too much trouble). There were plenty of other Byzantines, but no-one else took Nikephorians. Maybe that was a clue.

(nice shot of our camp - sadly there are too many Arabs in the picture!)

Although we seemed to make a good start against eventual 3rd placers Keith and Graham, we lost the game and didn't accumulate many points. We scored even fewer against Gordon and Richard's impressive Italo Normans ...

Rumour has it we fared a lot better on the Sunday when I was not able to be there until the prize-giving (actually, it is said we won a game in my absence ...) ... Great games all, and very enjoyable. The Byzantines are excellent in Armati, so perhaps I should mark the box up accordingly.

(a great shot of those Italo Normans: they swept onto us like a wave onto a Sicilian beach ... and we were quickly in too deep ...) ...

The AK47 competition was Saturday only, and it was nice to see Martin, Rob and the RFCM brigade so far north ... Hope you enjoyed it. Next year, maybe?

(AK47 event prizes distributed by David and Bob)

(Airstrike! The Nikephorians could have done with one of these: even the Normans would surely conceded the poa!)

Seasoned campaigners Terry Shaw and Simon Hall won the FoG event, with Mike Bennett and Colin Sharp taking the DBMM honours. Meshing all the scores, Terry and Simon took the coveted Alexander Trophy.

(prize winners at the 2011 Masters - nice Tee Shirt, Mike!)

1. Terry Shaw and Simon Hall (FoG)
2. Dave Handley and Nik Sharp (FoG)
3. Mike Bennett and Colin Sharp (DBMM)

For more comprehensive listings, please see the Results Press Release

Watch out for this event next year ... Doubles is a great and sociable way to play, and that Alexander trophy needs a good home. It could be yours.

Many thanks to Bob Medcraft and David Fairhurst for putting the event together - and all the players for making the event such an enjoyable venture.

Here are some more pictures...

Looking forward to next year.

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