Monday, April 6, 2020

DBA Special: III/74a Seljuq Turkish army of Rum 1063AD - 1276AD

Seljuk (or Seljuq, as DBA has it) Turks ... this is a refurb of a number of oddments that accumulated during the genesis of numerous Crusades games ... put together with a brand new Camp (courtesy of a ruined temple which I won at Partizan last year and which now has a use) ..

The figures are by Museum Miniatures and Essex, with a little help fom Camelot, Outpost (the cataphracts), Irregular, Battle Honours, Tabletop and Donningon (the Snake Charmer set) ...

(Kilij Arslan was Seljuq Sultan of Rum at the time of the First Crusade)

The bulk of the army is a mix of armoured and skirmishing horse archers.

(DBA III/74a Seljuq Turkoman cavalry)

Indeed, all of the rest of the optional troops can, instead, be Turkoman LH.

Or Turkomans ... I've gone with the ever willing Georgians (as 3Kn

Or Turkomans ... I find a couple of Bw elements always good value in a DBA army.

Or Turkomans ... ordinarily I take the Agulani in order to boost up the strike power of the army.

The camp features a snake charmer and a man who has a performing monkey on his shoulder.  My idea was something like 'the fall of Rome in the East' with a touch of Aladin ... There's a little audience gathering ... maybe some of these are pilgrims ...

(DBA III/74a Seljuq Turkish: camp)

As usual, the Camp Follower detaches for those rare occasions where this makes sense in a game ...

(DBA Turkish Camp Follower element: part of a charming set of Arabian figures in the Donningon - New Era - baggage and equipment range) 

This army sits in my collection paired with Mongol Conquest.

(DBA Turks: camp scene) 


Elenderil said...

Interesting army and nice brush work. As always your camps are that bit different which is a source of inspiration. I do wonder where you find some of the weird and wonderful bits and bobs for those, or perhaps more why did the manufacturer think there would be a need for snake charmers and monkey handlers in someones army.

SoA Shows North said...

Thanks Dave ...

I'm always on the look out for such bits and bobs and there are quite a few around these days: I think DBA and the other DBs have created a market for idiosyncratic baggage curiosities - they can attract 'window shoppers' to a range (and I think the manufacturers then hope you will buy an army and 'tell your friends' ... purchases for my DBA armies will never make a manufacturer rich but I do do my best when it comes to 'telling my friends')

Anyway, who doesn't need snake charmers and monkeys? Irregular Miniatures do a monkey climbing a tree ...